Vocational Groups

     There are four vocational Groups in the school:

  1. Mechanical Engineering Group: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Wooden Mold, Department of Foundry, Department of Drafting and Department of Mechatronics.
  2. Power Mechanical Engineering Group: Department of Auto Mechanics.
  3. Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering Group: Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronic engineering and Department of Control Engineering.
  4. Civil Engineering and  Architecture Group: Department of Architecture.

Teachers of vocational courses are mostly alumni who owned Bachelor’s or more advanced degrees from top-notch universities. Their quality excels.The students are brilliant, hardworking, and constantly learning. They win in annual national vocational technical competitions as well as in the international vocational skills tournaments.

     A large percentage of the graduates from this school continue their education in colleges and universities. Most of them are easily employed or start their own businesses. Distinguished alumni have been scattered all over the whole country.



  Mechanical Engineering Group


>>Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

To acquire the techniques for the usage, manufacturing, and maintenance of machinery automation and possess the abilities to do machinery assembling and precision measurement.

>>Dept. of Foundry

To be familiar with foundry methods and acquire the ability to operate and inspect wood molds and various casting.

>>Dept. of Mechanical Wooden Mold

To acquire computer-aided drafting skills and techniques for operating wooden machinery tools for manufacturing professional products and molds..

>>Dept. of Drafting

To acquire the techniques of mechanical drafting and be able to do product prediction and cost analysis.

>>Dept. of Mechatronics

To learn the theories and knowledge of mechantronics, and to be able to operate, maintain and supervise automatic production system.




Power Mechanical Engineering Group


>>Dept. of Auto Mechanics

To be familiar with theories and knowledge of automobile mechanism, and to acquire the techniques for production, assembling, tests, and maintenance.




Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering Group

>>Dept. of Electrical Engineering

To acquire the ability to install and inspect electricity safety, lining, electrical engineering device maintenance, computer chips designing and applications and to become professional technicians in electrical engineering and electronic fields.

>>Dept. of Electronic Engineering

To be familiar with all kinds of electronic instruments, communication tools, and electronic control system, and to acquire the techniques for operation and maintenance.

>>Dept. of Control Engineering

1.To equip students with competence and skills in designing, installing, operating, testing and maintaining the automatic control systems.

2.To provide students with the professional knowledge and practical experience in job market and train them to be automatic control technicians with cutting edge in electronic, electrical, digital circuit, microcomputer, and interface techniques.





Civil Engineering and Architecture Group

>>Dept. of Architecture

To acquire the techniques to design and draw architectural drafts, and to be able to supervise construction projects.