Continuation Department

     The continuation school comprises eight departments: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechatronics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Auto Mechanics, Department of Drafting, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, and Department of Interior Space Design, together with Department of Mechanical Engineering in cooperation with the Central Taiwan Bureau of Job Training. The number of the classes is totaled 30, and current enrollment is more than 1000. The Continuation School aims to improve the quality of human resources, to provide an educational opportunity for the young working people, and to prepare entry-level industrial technicians. This school has outstanding teachers, excellent facilities, superior learning effects, and impressive performance in technical competitions and college entrance examinations. 

     The foci of instruction are:

  1. to normalize teaching, by using various teaching media and equipments to enhance learning effects;
  2. to emphasize life, character and democracy as well as law education;
  3. to encourage students to participate in technical certification and skill competitions in order to motivate students to learn more;

to help students get a job in daytime to put what they learned in use, and to train students to acquire a second skill in order to adapt themselves to the changing society.