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Brief History [ 2013-03-03 ]

     This school was founded in 1938. Originally, there were two schools. One was Taichung State Industrial School in Changhua established on this campus, and the other was Taichung State Industrial Vocational School in Changhua located at the current campus of National Changhua Senior Commercial Vocational School.


School Features [ 2013-03-03 ]

     This school comprises four vocational clusters, in ten departments with eleven classes, plus four Comprehensive Senior High classes, totaled forty-five classes. More than 220 faculty and staff members, and 1800 students enrolled. There is an evening continuation program. To upgrade the learning effectiveness, this school continuously enriches the teaching facilities.

    Since the 1996-1997 academic year, the Ministry of Education has appointed this school to implement a comprehensive senior high school program, each year recruiting four classes of students. In the first year

Vocational Groups [ 2013-03-03 ]

There are four vocational Groups in the school

Continuation Department [ 2013-03-03 ]

    The continuation school comprises eight departments: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechatronics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Auto Mechanics, Department of Drafting